Our Services

Advanced Catering is a leader in the commercial and industrial catering industry with the capacity to produce and deliver over 150,000 high quality meals daily with a service that exceeds expectations.

Advanced Catering has mastered the skill of capturing the right balance of nutrition, meal variety and flavor. Delivering food solutions or residential catering on-site for manpower residences and compounds supported by meal plans and parcels delivered to work sites. Advanced Catering offers its clients across oil and gas, energy, hospitality, industry and corporate business sectors, an unparalleled service and food quality at competitive rates.


Advanced Catering provides an extensive range of customized catering solutions for commercial organizations, government and corporate headquarters with their kitchen operations and daily meals. Providing a variety of cuisine options for healthy and balanced meals served by our staff or prepared on site by our team of trained chefs.


With our operational excellence, international certifications and highly trained teams, Advanced Catering provides nourishing meals and buffets for manpower in the hospitality, engineering and construction fields. Clients can have meals delivered to canteens from our centralized kitchen or a professional team from Advanced Catering to work on-site in their equipped kitchens.

Events & Special Occasions

We offer VIP event planning, management and catering services specializing in distinctive high-end events for special occasions. Advanced Catering has a team of event planners, expert designers and chefs to manage the entire event from concept design to delivery for large-scale weddings, corporate parties, birthdays for adults and kids.


Advanced Catering offers flexible solutions for on-site staff and staff accommodation. Our logistics ensure timely delivery of mass produced meals that caters to the ethnically diverse tastes of hotel staff. We work with our clients to manage the on-site kitchen ensuring cost efficiencies for our client while maintaining quality food production standards.

Oil & Gas

For our energy and various offshore clients, we have the capabilities to deliver boxed meals to remote locations adhering to the highest standards of food safety in production, packaging and transportation. To ensure our remote clients are serviced, we manage meal production from remote industrial kitchens or on-site kitchens operated by us.


Advanced Catering specializes in meals for the education sector from schools to universities during lunch and breakfast. We provide quality balanced meals for students of all ages to help them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. We encourage and promote healthy eating habits in and out of the classroom.


Advanced Catering prides itself in being a trusted partner to Healthcare clients with HACCP-certified operations and suppliers for food handling and preparation. Clients rely on us for nutritionally balanced meals for staff canteens and patients at the highest hygiene standards. We design meals to meet different dietary needs for patients with specific nutritional requirements.

Corporate & Government

Advanced Catering services the public and private sector bodies providing them with customized catering for their staff. Our team adapts catering solutions depending on cuisine, lifestyle and health preferences. Additionally, we provide mobile food for staff at work to save them time and offer healthy eating options on busy working days.


The operational excellence instilled by our quality control team makes us a trusted catering partner for clients in remote and high-security zones. Advanced Catering surpasses all challenges to deliver delicious, fresh and balanced meals to high-security compounds whilst offering highly trained staff for on-site services in remote locations.